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We have many ways you can help the birds in Aransas County.

  • Rescue injured and abandoned birds.
  • Be part of the hospital team nursing birds to health.
  • Be the voice on the phone when someone calls to report a bird emergency.
  • Help with keeping the hospital and training center clean and in working order.
  • Join special projects, such as construction of cages, adding of landscape, etc.

  • Serve on the Wing-Ding Committee, enabling our largest fundraiser of the year.

  • Represent WRC at festivals and other community gatherings. 

Wings Rescue Center (WRC) Volunteers are now able to sign up for assignments from their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. You can apply to be a WRC volunteer here:

To be a WRC volunteer, you'll need to meet the following criteria:

Provide current photo identification

Provide your own transportation

Have a valid email address

Complete required training

Be over the age of 18 (or 15 with an adult parent/guardian)

If you are already a trained WRC Volunteer, log in here: